Tuesday, December 29

Original Plans

Some have requested to see some plans to help digest the photos of the property. Here are some images of the original plans that I have.

Complete spec sheet booklet with details of each project.

Home Plans in order of pages

Page 1: Plot Plan
Page 2: Footings - Heating + Plumbing
Page 3: Floorplan and Details
Page 4: Sections
Page 5: Millwork Details
Page 6: Elevations
Page 7: Framing Plan
Page 8: Cabinet Details

Keep posted for progress. Flooring has started to leave the house!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the images of your plans. But, they are too small and too low of resolution to see. It would be fantastic if you could share full size scans of your prints. You could make PDFs and watermark them however you want. But I would really like to be able to study full size or much larger images.


PS: Love the house! You are a lucky dog!

IM said...

If you contact me directly, I may have what you need. You can either find my email on my website or leave some contact information for yourself and i can get back to you.