Monday, January 18

Again with the floors!

Trust me she's smiling!

Slow going on the floor front, although that's just fine (I've not helped much overall). Tireless hours spend hunched over with the "tool of the moment" in hand by our friends and family to get to where we are now. I'll be honest this is not my cup of tea per say. Dawn on the other hand mentioned that she's all for this type of meticulous, detailed work (although even that attitude has to be dwindling by now). Each square inch of floor requires a different method based on the previous layer and the smoothness of the cement pad beneath.The good news is: Were getting close!!!! Things like this make us have a special place, under my foot, for those who once choose these flooring options.

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After a few more hours (probably like 20 based on the way it's been going) the floors will bow to the mercy of Dawn and her tools!

Dueling Skateboarding Scrapers

The "True Scrapers"

Also I had the time to remove all the tack strips from the two bedrooms. Some of those nails were a real treat to remove...while trying to keep as much concrete chipping from happening, although it is inevitable.

LOOK!! They are starting to
show the original finish!

Track strips meet their demise.

Once were done in the master bath I'll remove the toilet in the powder room and then we'll just have some small touch up areas to complete. We do see the light though!

a NEW post NOT about floors coming soon...I'm just trying to cross my T's and dot my I's...

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