Friday, April 1

Short Update

First I must apologize for the lack of recent posts, although I don’t have much to report. We've been on vacation enjoying nice weather and sun, been snowboarding and enjoying the snow, and we've been relaxing and enjoying ourselves...and sometimes that’s necessary.

First off, What we've been up to:

We had a chance to enjoy our first official vacation with my sister a few of my friends where we all had a chance to get away together and all have a good time. Upon our arrival back home, after missing the snowpocalypse that hit, we had quite the sum of snow. Even a nice wave drift hanging over the edge of our carport. I have to admit it was pretty cool. Supposedly we missed the huge blizzard, which I’d trade for mid 80 degree days anytime. Mix all that snow in with lots of snowboarding, and an outdoor beer festival and you're pretty much up to speed.

The Crew on vacation


House progress:

Well this, as I said, has been pretty non-existant lately. Whats changed you ask?

  1. Well I’ve got the plumbing redone and then prep sink in the island completed and working!

    The before

    No More Pipes
  2. I've FINALLY, replaced a light in the back room and put in some new track lights for the room.
  3. I've got everything installed and ready for the tile back splash. The backer board is now in place, now I’ve just got to order the tiles for the job.

Other than that Mishka's been keeping a close eye on everything. Now that the snow has cleared I've been starting yard work and planning upcoming projects for the spring...Including but not limited to:

  • Building a patio sectional couch
  • Installing a sun-sail for shade on dining area outdoors.
  • Putting in a new sliding window in the kitchen for easy access to the patio.
  • New patio door
  • landscaping galore
  • Actually using the new fish tank I bought the day I bought the house
  • Rebuilding the 3rd bedroom to become an actual bedroom.
  • Adding a “laundry” area.
  • Installing a solar pool heater
  • and I'm sure many other projects, do they ever end?

So that's my short and sweet update. Hopefully I'll have more to report soon as the temps warm. I'm getting excited to start doing stuff again!

All for now,



Unknown said...

Can't wait to see the backsplash! And I'm glad you agree that a sliding window pass through is a good idea ;) Looking forward to helping whenever you need it!

Anonymous said...

Still following your progress with interest. those pictures...what's that white stuff?
-Karla, Florida

IM said...

Nice one Karla....It's long gone now, Although some days i do miss it! Thanks for following me still after the long hiatus... Look for a HUGE post coming very soon!