Saturday, August 6

Kitchen (Almost) Complete

Summer is in full swing, As you know that means many things to do and many things to see! Amidst all the chaos we've managed to complete a dew more things! YAY

Finally, After a year and a half, I've got the terrible ceiling fans replaced in the living room. It's been long overdue. The problem is i really wanted some Minka Aire Artemis fans, but i couldn't fathom spending the $500 per fan. So i looked, and looked, and looked some more. I finally found some that i thought were ok, And frankly it was HOT and we need some air movement! So the new ones went up, albeit with lots of swearing, yelling, and much frustration. I have to admit that they are not perfect, but they'll do for now…or at least until i win the lottery for some Minka Aire's!

The main forward progress has been put into the kitchen completion. We started with the backsplash area. The rail was cut into two and prepped to be added again. Small blocks willed the area where the rail is cut to fill the hole. The cut piece of the rail was then added to the backsplash and put into place. The stainless over the range was next to go on, We made sure that we got everything lined up and then we put it in place.

The next item was to put up the backing boards to level out the stainless to the wood under neath the cabinets. Making sure everything fit in tight and neatly. The panels were cut, test fitted and then finished before they were put into place. After it was all together a small bead of caulk was placed and it's FINALLY complete! What a change it look i must say. It looks GREAT and just how i had hoped. The under cabinet lighting that i added really makes the wood shine!

One piece of this puzzle was to veneer the sides of the cabinets…lets just say that this was a little stressful, although a good learning experience, well really my dad did most of the work. After one failed attempt the second worked pretty good. From there on out it was all good.

During the whole backsplash project, I figured that the rail was in dire need of a refinish. After sanding and filling all the nail holes, it was covered with 5 coats of finish to really make it shine! The rail really hold the whole kitchen together and it now looks wonderful.

The last project to report on is the finishing of the ceiling above the island. This is an area that has been driving me crazy for a long time. It was a great relief to hide the electrical and the dirty celestial windows above. We did the best we could to match the existing stain and color to the new boards, and they came out pretty close. The completion of the ceiling really makes the kitchen feel bigger, although it does darken it up a little. Finally this is done!

So the last item in the kitchen to complete is that unsightly pole….that will be completed very soon. Stay tuned!

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