Tuesday, January 26

Plans 2.0

As Previously mentioned, Plans change....Sometimes for the better or sometimes to help you realize other options. It has been suggested that the space where the old washer was designed to fit be utilized for a refrigerator and open up the island to the brick wall.

Well here we are at Kitchen plans 2.0. This design only really changes the location of the refrigerator to the north wall to expand the large island space. An idea of a small sink added in the island to the right (East end) to provide an area to wash fruits and veggies or fill with ice for entertaining. These plans also add support for the center beam and light boxes on the front of the overhang. This also includes a counter depth refrigerator although I'm still trying to decide on a French door or a single Door...The Best option but very expensive would be a integrated fridge with a matching front panel to blend seamlessly with the cabinets. A single door swing would hit the wall eventually and a French would swing through the doorway to the right.

Details and plans after the break >>>>>

The Details:
Overhead With Single Door
Overhead With French Door
North View Single Door
North View French Door
South View
East View

Support is needed on the center beam and the switches need a home also. Incorporating some open shelving will keep the kitchen open while adding some useful space.

I'm still not set on the placement of cabinets below the island on the kitchen side. This may change as I think further.

Not too much action on the last post here although forums have been buzzing with ideas...Thanks everyone!


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