Wednesday, January 27

Another Noteworthy Consideration

Something else that needs to be considered with the location of the cabinet depth fridge...The current complete mess of piping in the house.

Capped Pipes for old Washer

The location to where the cabinet depth fridge is going to be placed was originally designed for a washer. With this being said there are hot and cold lines ran in the rear of the area. These pipes have since been capped but they are still hanging 3" high and about 22" deep from the front of the cabinets. Naturally this creates a problem for a fridge install in this location as you're loosing available depth unless the fridge feet fit around the lines. I could cut them at ground level but is that really the best option? I don't think so.

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Hot water running to Kitchen Sink.

To make things worse: at one time the hot water heater was replaced (although there are still 2 in the utility room, one electric and wired but not hooked up any longer and one gas that is currently working. I have reason to believe that these were replaced when the additions were added because pipes run in all directions to the new additions and are linked to the water heater. At the floor in the utility room remains a cut pipe for hot water only, I believe,....Cold is still routed through the slab. The new hot water lines are ran in such a way that it would infuriate anyone! Through original beams, across ceiling beams, through closets and cupboards, exposed and it just looks sloppy. My question....and I've yet to get an answer is: WHY CUT THE EXISTING HOT LINE AND RE-RUN NEW LINES (terribly I may add)? In total 5 new lines are routed all over to the following locations: Kitchen Sink, Powder Bath Sink, Master Sink, Master Bath Tub, And Old Washer Location. All old hot water pipes are cut and hanging a few inches above the slab at each of these locations. WHY ON EARTH ARE THESE NOT USED? Is there a problem with the line? Does the pipes ran through the cement inhibit the water from getting hot enough? Was it easier to charge to previous owner for re-routing of all new lines? There must be some reason that they were cut and new hot water lines were ran....

Hot Water Line Running Through Fridge Location

Hot Water on baseboards in kitchen

The route for the line to the sink...notice the supply in blue for the dish washer!

The Cut line under Kitchen Sink.

how do I figure this out? There has to be a way that the old cut line can be tested to see if it would still work? Obviously utilizing the original lines is the way to go ...unless there is a major issue with them. I've been calling plumbers from tags I've found in the house but I've yet to figure out any answers.

My seemingly nearly impossible task: Figure out why the old hot lines are not being used.

< End Rant >

Anyways, where were we...Ohh yes the old washer lines blocking the rear of the opening...And also the hot water for the kitchen sink is routed through this area also.

Location of Cab Fridge...see hot water on left of opening.

So if the old lines are unavailable I need to change the route of the kitchen sink hot water to under the rear of the cabinets.

Ohh and one more thing! The new range I'd like to get is GAS....old is electric. So somewhere a Gas supply line is needed to be routed also! This is getting cramped very fast. Behind the cabinets is 1" of form insulation that can be removed to utilize a little more space on the new lines that need to be ran but not on the existing washer lines.

Area with rear panel removed

Foam Insulation Detail

Just to recap: behind the counter depth fridge I need to run a gas line to the range and possibly run a hot water line to the sink.

So the question is: Are the washer lines going to block the fridge from being pushed all the way back? Can I reconnect the old hot lines? Is a cabinet depth fridge going to fit with all these lines needed to be ran behind? etc...I've got to go check out the rear of the fridge.

After doing some calculating and determining on the two model fridges that I'm currently looking at, we get the following: At worst the fridge must sit in front of the washer water lines leaving about 17-18" of access to the hall to the right. At best the insulation can be removed to make space for the water and gas and the fridge feet will fit around the washer lines and we'll have about 21" for access to the hallway.

At BEST Fridge Hang out

At WORST Fridge Hang out

Fake fridge corner view

Fake Fridge side view

I've got my bets on the worst case senero!


Dostoy320 said...

It looks like the original pipe was galvanized. It's possible they bypassed the hot water line because it was full of mineral deposits and the pressure was very poor. Galvanized clogs up over time, and it happens faster on the hot line for some sciencey reason I never bothered to look up.

IM said...

Actually they are all copper lines that have some corrosion on them. I also believe that the washer area has copper lines also although I'll have to look.

Dostoy320 said...

Hmmm... well there goes that theory. Those new runs are really unfortunate. Whoever did that should be slapped.

IM said...

Thanks for the idea though! I also agree the new lines are a terrible thing....and you haven't seen half of it. I'll save that for another post.

Anonymous said...

I had a similar situation with a washer dryer location - I simply built a box of 2 x 4s and a plywood top - thereby raising the appliances over the offending plumbing.

IM said...

this is a very good idea! Although you loose the ability to easily slice the refrigerator in and out, although how often does that really happen?

Thanks for your idea and I may use this as a solution!