Friday, February 5

Floors Coming Soon!

Edges are being cleaned.

Work has been evolving on the floor front. We've got 99% of the floors ready to go. Were just touching up areas and cleaning things up. The new floors will be installed on Monday! I decided on the overlay option to seamlessly blend all the floors together. The color will be a red to match the type of color that exists and was original.

We started to prep the floors for the instillation. The edges have old chipped gravel. I've got to remove this gravel to make sure the edges are seated to something solid.

I decided to mop the floors to clean them up a bit and to get an idea of the new color sample.

Shiny Mopped Floors from Entry

View from the east end
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The floors are red but they have suttle lighter and darker areas within them. I've decided to have a matte finish to can see the sheen below. The floors will be sealed and become very stain resistant, hard, and look brand new! We've got a 3x3 sample of the floor, Below is what it'll look like.

love the view!

This shows the floor sample on the foor.

Here you can see the shine

Close up to show color variations.

So there you have it. These will be our new floors starting monday! I'm excited to get this done as we can start moving items in!

So... What do you think? I'll be sure to take many photos as the floors progress! Stay Tuned!


Unknown said...

I can't wait to see the full effect! After all the hard teadious work you've put into the floors you now will see the fruits of your labour. Yay one hurdle down...bring on the next!

Claire said...

you should make them neon pink...forget about the Frank Lloyd-Wright style... :)