Monday, February 22

Floor install started!

Well I must apologize, I’ve been delinquent in posts of late. Specifically for two reasons:

  1. There has not been much happening lately.
  2. My great uncle passed away.

My great uncle was a very well lived gentleman. He enjoyed life and all of those around him. He lived in a modern style house also and I believe he is the one who sparked my interest in these types of homes. His house was always used for extravagant events and get-togethers…a true entertainment house. He was a big advocate of my decision to purchase my home. Every time we talked for the near year my housing adventure took place he would ask how things were coming along and if it was mine yet. He made repeated drive-bys to see the house on his way past. Even one week before he passed we discussed the plans and developments going on at my house. Even though he had such a strong interest in the house, he never did see it. I think he was waiting until warmer months to come visit it for the first time. I knew he would have loved the property, I’m just sad he never experienced it. He was truly a unique person and he will be missed by our family, his friends, and myself.

Ok onward and enough with the excuses for my absence.

I last left you with the floor prep… More prep was completed since. Cabinets have been removed to make space for the fridge, appliances have been ordered, and floor starts to assemble.

Before the floors started I removed the old cabinets from the area that the counter-depth fridge will be placed. We also removed the foam insulation behind to gain another inch of space. In doing so I noticed that I should keep this existing cabinet in-tact as it fits perfectly in the space to the left of the kitchen sink, especially if I’m going to be removing the overhead cabinets for the range hood.

the view looking at the sink. Location ofcabinet to the left of sink.
side view of moved cabinet. location of the fridge with insulation still behind.
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Here you can see a rough idea of the fit for the existing cabinets. This will give us some much needed overhead cabinet space…and what’s better than saving the old and re-using elsewhere!

The next step in floor prep was removing all the cabinet doors…and this was very eye-opening. There are many doors in this house! Only about 3 or 4 doors have damage or nails in them…which is very good! All doors were removed and labeled to prevent any damage during the floor instillation. Here are some photos of the removal and process:

Livingroom. Kitchen with doors removed.
Guest room. hallway.
Dawn making sure they are all labeled correctly. Master Bedroom.

The floors started a little late but that’s not a problem. First step was prepping the edges and filling cracks.

Then he started with the floor trim. I came to the house one night to see progress and the master bedroom had the trim added already, but upon looking at it I realized it was not what I wanted and that we had never discussed how the trim was going to look. Below is the first style that was added. The trim was too tall and too traditionally shaped.

The first trim that will be changed. another shot. this will be removed.

A call to my contractor quickly remedied the issue. We both agreed on a shape and everything progressed. All the edges will be done in a curve from the floor and ran right up the edge of only the block walls. Here are some images of the edges (the grey will be red once the floors go in):

Close Detail. Edge of hall and living.
Below Fireplace.
Powder bathroom. Library Trim.

This really looks great! The floors will blend with the walls in a very smooth transition. The walls seem to sit on the floors. I can’t wait to see the floors complete!

As for now that’s all the progress to report. I’ll try and keep everyone up to date.


Unknown said...

Thank you for your thoughts on Steve! Again, you always find ways to amaze me. Steve would be so very proud of you too. The cabinet reuse and placement is a super idea as well.

Catman said...

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Again, I keep coming back to your blog. Great house and you guys are a lucky couple !!!! Enjoy.

P.S.: sorry to hear about your uncle. All the best.

Catman said...

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Sorry for any inconvenient.
Hope you like it.