Wednesday, March 3

Crunch Time!

What do you do when it's crunch time? You run...far far away, preferably somewhere warm! well that's what we did...we've been gone on vacation this last week but were back to the grind again now. Sun, Fun, and relaxation were all enjoyed by Dawn and I while visiting my grandfather in paradise. Upon coming back we stopped to do a little shopping and packed the car for the ride home.

Dawn taking a rest from biking Here we are enjoying the weather
Beautiful Sunset A packed car!
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Now that we are back I've got some updates to share with how things are going. Floors are set to be complete this week (hopefully). Our contractor has most of the floors done now and the final stage is just sealing and applying the finish.

Living room in various stages Patching and leveling areas
Squares in different stages Detail
More Details Library area in initial stage
The new trim edges with first coat applied!

We were originally set on a more matte finish for the floors to reduce glare and be not as noticeable...but now were leaning to a little more gloss. Simply because the matte looks dirty and grey until moped. A shiner finish shows colors better, is easier to clean, and looks not so dusty. below are several images of the sample with half matte and half satin finishes. Hopefully there are enough shots of different angles and reflections to look at. What you think???

Were building a laundry list of things to do in the next few weeks (it's getting very long mind you) so I'll have plenty of stories and images to share!



Capn said...

Gotta Go Glossy!

Dostoy320 said...

Glossy - no question.

Anonymous said...


Catman said...

Great job!!
I firmly believe glossy is the way to go.

Anonymous said...

While I'm usually a matte person, in this case, it's gotta be glossy. Much richer looking.