Friday, March 12


That's a victory in my book...and to be honest after all the time it took and all the details I absolutely love the final product! I choose the glossier option as the final finish and they just shine!!! Color and hue are exactly what I was looking for, and it just makes the house feel alive. Here are some additional photos of the process. First finish layer was a high-gloss to which the final satin finish was applied to the top.

Super gloss coat applied Library ready for first coat.
Details of color Hall Shot
More Info and Completed Photos After the Break >>>>>

Here is the finished images. Take a look and let me know what you think. Again, I'm very pleased at how the floors came out.

Wide Living shot From Library to show glare
Library Floors with molding Another glare shot
Looking North West Powder bath

Work at other areas continue to move forward. We had some helping visitors this last weekend to complete a few projects. I've removed the terrible plumbing and got new lines running from the utility room to the kitchen sink...actually hidden this time. New holes were drilled and PEX lines were ran.

New Lines!!!
Hidden behind and under cabinets
Use existing start location TA-DA! arrival at sink!

Ohh one more thing,

Craigslist pulls through again! Found a sweet deal on a new dining table. A beautiful 6 foot table with hidden leaves to extend it to nearly 10 feet! Not only is it in great shape and very cool, Danish certified, and actual wood, It matches with all of our stripped mahogany very well! It's a great feeling to start placing items in the house now that the floor is done.

Posts coming about starting island, installing appliances, and all the other details.

Happy weekend everyone, I'll be working!



Unknown said...

WOW! How beautiful! And the dining table looks perfect. Can't wait to see it in person this weekend. Am coming to work so you'd better be ready.

Anonymous said...

Those floors just glow. They combine the best attributes of wood, stone and leather. I find myself very envious...

Paul Ringstrom said...


I looked through your blog and the floors indeed look great, but I couldn't find any specific info on the name and address of your installer or the product used. There are many other Usonian owners who could use this information too.

Can this product be applied to EXTERIOR red concrete too?

Thanks for your help and best of luck with your restoration.


IM said...

Thanks for the comment....please feel free to leave a name, I won't bite ;)

Sorry I didn't get back to you on SaveWright. Let me talk with my installer and I'll create a post for those who are interested in his services.

Karla said...

Sorry. I didn't mean to be distant or mysterious. You can call me Karla. Others have called me much worse.....