Friday, March 19

Cleaning and Building

Ugghhh....still here plugging along, slowly. This next week has many items set to be complete. Plumbing, Appliances, and some cabinet building starts.

First I needed to clean and tidy up our storage area and assemble some free shelves I picked up. This room is pretty small but whatever size it is it'll be invaluable to hide the usual garage items that you just cant hide out of sight with a carport. I decided to assemble 3 total shelves although one may come down...Before and after assembly and re-stocking. Lots of storage space now but not much floor space.

Before = Messy After = Organized!
More Info and Photos After the Break >>>>>

With the help of a few people it was determined that the center supporting beam in the kitchen was not as beefy as once hoped. Being so, the use of a center support was necessary. With the help of my father we added and adjustable support and started roughing in the location of the island supporting wall. Squaring the location and adding the support added even a visual enhancement to the above beam. The beam looks much straighter already. Once the temps warm this summer to 100+ degree's and everything is nice and warm I'll crank up the beam a little to level it once again. The idea of a beam blocking the open view is less than appealing but very necessary none the less.

Cross wall anchored to floor Adding verticals and horizontals.

Next was the location of the half-wall. Once side will house the new upcoming cabinets and the other side will allow counter seating at the island. During the build we decided to decrease the width of the island about a foot, just to utilize the space a little better and allow ample space for the planned dining area. Even though this small wall is now in, it is starting to look nice! It's much easier to visualize the final location and size with something taking the space.

Final location.
From Kitchen From Living area

Next order of business was to find a source for some of that juicy, beautiful ribbon stripped Honduran mahogany ply for use of the cabinet doors. I found a local wood supply shop that said he had a source. I went to the shop with an existing cabinet in hand to match as best we could. He informed me that something like my existing wood is simply not available any longer but he was sure he could get something close. These new doors will only be used in the island location and therefore hidden from the other side. Looking north you'll see all original doors, looking south will show new doors. You'll never have view of both together to compare unless your standing in the galley looking east. This is the best I can do to try and keep the north wall looking even, because it's the main wall you'll see as you enter and sit in the living area. So back to the woodshop to see the boards after they arrive.... Although not as ribboned as my existing doors, they're pretty good and they look beautiful! Delivery set for this weekend.

3/4 Ply

Close up ribbing

Multiple Sheets!

Other than that we've been waiting for a few things to either get done by others or have things delivered so that we can continue moving forward. Last few days we've been doing some yard work now that most of the snow is melted and temps have warmed. Now I see all the things that need to be cut/trimmed/cleaned. Lots of raking so far. We're now beginning to see bulbs of flowers arising from the dead grass in every direction. Lots of flowers will be rising within the next few weeks.



Anonymous said...

Forgive me if you have already answered this question, but are your walls a pigmented cement block? or are they composed of over-sized brick? The red color lends a real warmth to the interior! You Have a splendid house! Langdon

IM said...

Yes the blocks are pigmented block and i do agree that they add much warmth to something that could be very cold...being cement floors with block walls.

Thanks for reading!

Ms Stupek said...

Looking like you two are really moving along. Cheers. Re:"chopping/trimming/cutting" the landscape I offer this suggestion based upon my observations of new home owners/new neighbors. -common sense-live with your yard as is, so you can learn what wildlife it supports as the seasons change. Which bushes do the bunnies trim for you in the late spring? Where do the cardinals land on their way to their watering hole. Which trees do the crows like to sun them selves on late in the fall and the like...Remain the active/avid naturalist you are while you grow as a newborn homeowner.