Wednesday, April 7

Supermega post!

Well it's been a while since we talked, well since I wrote….but I'm here. It's been a crazy few weeks with lots of happenings, so in turn I present you with a huge update post for your reading/viewing pleasure. An internet connection also helps to post an update.

Well let's start from the beginning. The weather a few weeks ago was fantastic for a few days so we decided to continue yard work removing years of leaves throughout the years. All in all the city has been past our house to pick up brush 5 times! Also now that the pool has de-thawed the mini iceberg that was afloat I can scoop some of the leaves off the cover and clean around it.

Even after 70 degree weather we've still got snow. The mess that is the pool

Removing old dead plants
Front view from the road.

Even after the mid 70's days it still decided to snow, one last time hopefully. This gave me a chance to get on the roof and take some Arial pool photos for you to see what I'm working with. And yes we removed the snow also.

White Fluffy snow Hopefully the last snow removal for the season.
View of pool area Looks like a mess

Ok back to the necessary work. The big news here, WE GOT OUT APPLIANCES! Finally they have arrived to give me a chance to get everything put together in the kitchen and we can finally start living here. First order is rebuilding the upper cabinets to fit the range hood. This includes cutting the existing cabinet middle out. The final result will be an existing right and left cabinet and a new upper cabinet above the range hood. Here are the removal photos.

Existing original cabinet. Cabinet removed.
More Info and Photos After the Break >>>>>

We then disassembled the cabinet to salvage as much as possible. After lots of measuring it was determined to start at the right based off the oven cabinet and work left. The right side of the cabinet was cut and we built a new side. My father has stepped in to help building all the cabinets in the house. We've got the right side complete. the carcass for the upper cabinet is also started. The existing exhaust is not centered but we'll make things work.

The new fridge!
Completed carcass for right cabinet.

Next was placing the fridge in the new location and building a platform for it to sit on. We build a platform to cover the base of the fridge and to cover the existing pipes in the rear… for a test fit to see how everything works. Fits great! You still have plenty of space to walk the hallway past the utility room. I'll eventually add a new toe-kick throughout all kitchen baseboards.

Fridge Platform
Test fit looks good!

The next large thing on the agenda is….MOVING IN!! yup we're finally moved! Ready or not we must move. We've been in the process of bring loads from our apartment since the floors were completed. Each trip to the house also includes a load of stuff. After nearly moving 4 times within the last year, I've got things down to a limited few boxes. Arrangements were made to move the remaining large items on the weekend. The last week I sold all the items on craigslist that I didn't feel like moving, I love craigslist! We packed up all our items, fish tank included, and said goodbye to our 720sqft apartment and our rental days as we knew it!

Our old apartment :(
Moving the tank and fish!

Moving day was hectic…lots needed to be completed and sorted out. I concentrated on the things that were necessary, plumbing, Oven placement and hookup, Garbage disposal, etc…dawn worked on the not so pressing, but nice to have items like hanging towel racks, sorting all out items now filling the house, etc…

The mess of moving Little progress here.
Bedroom put together! Ya we'll need a new couch soon but it works for now.
The fish at their new home!

Once we've got all our belongs in the house and spent a few nights we've found out a few things.

  1. Even coming from a super small apartment, our massive couch fit great…here not so much.
  2. There is lots of storage throughout this house that hides things away and out of sight very nicely!
  3. The rooms seem to have plenty of space once we've got items in them. Master bedroom included here.
  4. you won't get much sleep once you first move in, it's so quite and peaceful coming from a lower level apartment with children living above.
  5. I'm noticing details and new things to ponder each day…Morning 1 for example: the morning sun coming through the master bedroom glistening on the mahogany closets so much that they sparkle.

The main problem once our move happened, we were lacking the things you take for granted each day. A kitchen sink for example. The bathroom sufficed for a few days. A fridge, oven, and cook top too. Well after 4 days they're all up and running! I moved the fridge back and hooked everything up to get fresh cold ice! Oven wired and placed so we can at least make baked items for the time being! Gas range hooked up to expose the flames from underneath the grates, although were not using until the range hood goes in to vent gasses. Hooked up the old dish washer to find it still works! And most importantly, a working kitchen sink to do all the necessary items at. On a side note, Faucets are totally ridiculously priced, shocked myself here!

Cutting and fixing the hole for the cooktop.
Oven at home in the cabinet!
Dishwasher placed It runs!
My pride and joy! 6 burners baby!
Black with silver trim! Semi assembled kitchen

New (working) faucet

Empty and ready to be filled.

The beverage fridge emits cool blue light!

A storm a few nights ago revealed all the leaking spots on the roof that'll need attention soon. Problems seem to be centralized to the notorious area, the chimney, in the living room. It's good to know the problem areas so I know where to place towels and buckets.

That gets us up to speed. We've been living, cooking, and cleaning all under one roof. We've had some friends over for dinner, celebrated Easter with my family (while working on cabinets) and even spared a little time to relax.

The first meal, on the grill
Jarid and Ari were our first dinner guests!
Finally an internet connection!

Overall it's been a wonderful experience so far the first week in the house. Living under your own roof is a great feeling. Even through the hard work in the past and all the future work awaiting, it's still something that I'm excited to now come home to!


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